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International Roadcheck: What To Expect and How To Prepare

Posted by Tim Young on 6/1/18 10:43 AM

Across North America, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck will take place June 5-7. Inspectors will be looking over commercial motor vehicles’ mechanical soundness and driver operating requirements. The CVSA will inspect about 17 trucks or buses every minute during this three-day period.

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Worried About the Driver Shortage? Here's What You Should Know.

Posted by Tim Young on 4/11/18 12:16 PM

Have you ever tried filling a bucket with water when there is a hole in the bottom?  No matter how much water you pour into the bucket, it will continue to drain until you plug the hole. The logistics industry faces a similar situation on a regular basis.  However, rather than water, the trucking world is struggling to keep the bucket full of a different resource: drivers. The current turnover rate for truck drivers is about 95 percent, and driver shortages are affecting supply chains across the country.

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Navigating the Increasingly Tangled Web of Supply Chain Laws

Posted by Tim Young on 4/2/18 3:27 PM

Compliance is a challenge in many industries, but it becomes particularly important — and more complex — when your company transports goods across state lines. Shippers that don’t prioritize compliance can discover too late that they’ve been breaking the law.

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5 Reasons to Adopt an Inbound Logistics Strategy

Posted by Tim Young on 6/20/17 7:30 AM

There are at least five good reasons to adopt a strong inbound logistics strategy—to restore the balance of power between you and your vendors; to support carrier selection and negotiation; to improve inventory management; to reduce hidden shipping costs; and to improve quality control. Let's take a close look at each:

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